Department of Neural Information Processing Technologies (DNIPT) is a part of International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (IRTC ITS). We inherit and continue developments of Department of Biocybernetics founded in the Institute of Cybernetics by V.M. Glushkov and N.M.Amosov in 1961. The department was and still is one of the most known AI groups of the former USSR.

General system approach to understanding human nature have been reflected in the scientific directions initiated by N.M. Amosov in various areas of cybernetics: modeling of physiological functions of human organism (physiological biocybernetics), modeling of cognitive and psychological human functions (psychological biocybernetics), modeling a man as a social creature (sociological biocybernetics).

Original methods and technologies were created for structure-sensitive sparse binary distributed representation of information with binary vectors of fixed dimensionality which take into account both semantic and structural aspects of objects. Later, sparse binary distributed representations have become a member of a family of computational frameworks known as vector symbolic architectures. Those methods and technologies provide efficient solutions of tasks that require estimation of data similarity, exemplified by classification, clustering, information retrieval, or example-based reasoning (e.g., analogical reasoning and case-based reasoning) where diverse target problems are solved by finding similar precedents.